Our Team

Stephen Schreck

Stephen Schreck

Stephen had the idea and concept behind the Seattle Clean Street Collective! He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Aquatic and Fisheries Science and is passionate about the environment. He wants others to get involved in sustainability projects and make an impact in their local communities. In his spare time he enjoys scuba diving, traveling and staying updated with current events.

Mark Chen

Mark wanted to help create the Seattle Clean Street Collective to promote environmental stewardship through community engagement.  Outside of the Collective, Mark is an Estimator and Sustainability Manager with Turner Construction in Seattle, and also graduated from the UW with a degree in Civil Engineering in 2015.  In his free time, Mark enjoys rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers, managing his fantasy baseball team, and playing the guitar.  

Ellie Canade

Ellie Canade joined the Seattle Clean Street Collective in the spring of 2016. She graduated from the University of Washington’s Program on the Environment (class of 2013) where she gained a deep respect for the Puget Sound and the critters that live in it. When Ellie is not working for the Seattle Clean Street Collective, she is educating school field trip groups for various educational non-profits in the Seattle area. She believes that educating students on the wonders of the Puget Sound will inspire youth to protect the Puget Sound ecosystem. In her free time, Ellie seeks outdoor adventures through hiking, running, and canoeing.

Mike Polyakov

When Mike originally joined Seattle Clean Street Collective as a volunteer he saw opportunities to help ramp up the organization’s online and volunteer outreach. He eventually joined the team in early Spring 2016 and has helped communicate with partners and plan events. Outside of the collective, Mike is a recent UW business school graduate working in sales operations at a small company. He believes bringing people together to work towards common goals while inspiring others helps make change happen. When he’s not working or helping out the collective Mike enjoys exploring and learning about the world around him, jamming on his guitar, and playing pickup sports.

Chinni Mandava

Chinni initially joined the Seattle Clean Street Collective as a volunteer in the Spring of 2016. She quickly realized she was passionate about their mission to clean up local communities and start conversation about environmental responsibility. She graduated from the UW in 2015, with a degree in neurobiology and she is now part of the Clean Street Board. In her free time she enjoys watching football, hiking, ordering and eating a ridiculous of Dominoes, and playing pool!

Annie Thomas

Annie found the Seattle Clean Street Collective through one of the original members. He invited her out to a clean-up and she loved it. As a sustainability professional, this is exactly something she wanted to involve herself in - a grassroots organization with a passion not only for the environment and urban environmental engagement, but also for having fun while doing it!!